Our sightseeing tour started on the south bank of The River Thames on The London Eye, that's Waterloo Bridge, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament behind us!
It wasn't long before Caesar felt comfortable enough to settle down and enjoy the ride!
After our flight on The Eye, we went for a walk to Parliament Square and beyond, that's Big Ben behind us again here.
After a lovely walk in St James' Park, we arrived at
Buckingham Palace.
Alas, the flagpole was bare, Her Majesty was not at home!
Caesar crossing the moat into The Tower of London
"Mum, please don't make me pose for a picture in front of
The Traitors' Gate."
"Quick Mum, tell him I haven't done anything wrong"
Caesar and a Yeoman Warder, who are often known as Beefeaters.
"Now THIS is my kind of Beefeater!"
Caesar in The Tower of London, with Tower Bridge in the background
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